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Dazzle Ship is a creative agency producing design, motion graphics, animation and original content.

Working in partnership with our clients, to inspire audiences and transform business results.

We are passionate about creating work that sets trends, through a design-led process of collaboration and fearless thinking.

SAP – The Future of Big Data

Interactive video installation that transports the user into a futuristic crime scene that must be solved using the power of big data.

SAP – The Future of Big Data

Marketing agency ‘Grass Roots’ contacted Dazzle Ship to help them build an ‘innovation lab’. The aim of the installation is to showcase the potential of data analytics technology in 4 key areas: Sport, Earth, Business and the Future.

Client: SAP
Agency: Grass Roots
Creative Director: Chris Axe
Direction + Production: Dazzle Ship
Technology Partner: Engage Productions
Sound: Ruth Rainey

Our largest part of this involved working closely with Creative Director Chris Axe on the ‘Future’ zone. This was an incredibly exciting project that aimed to showcase how technology could be used in the future to fight crime.

Think ‘Minority Report’ mixed with ‘Cluedo’ and you have an interactive installation that transports the user into the future where they are a detective trying to predict the next big art heist.

Dazzle Ship provided the design direction and animation for the UI on the interactive touchscreen table and the projection mapped walls. We also worked closely with technology partner ‘Engage Productions’ to stitch everything together into fully interactive experience

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