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Innovation Lab

Culture is our Growth Engine.

DAZZLE SHIP is a metaverse IP & innovation lab. 


100 years ago ‘Dazzle Ships’ used a form of camouflage that challenged the enemies sense of perception to avoid conflict.

Science tells us that shifts in perception disrupt our brains habitual patterns and unleash new perspectives.

We help people introduce new concepts into the world using a mixture of storytelling, animation, design and radical creativity.

BROADSIDE NFT – Decentralised Building for Metaverse/Web3

Broadside is the cultural connective tissue the metaverse needs: a conduit between music, storytelling, gaming, culture and web3.

BROADSIDE NFT – Decentralised Building for Metaverse/Web3

A world driven by social and game mechanics where fans own the building blocks, and get to take them in any direction they wish. 

A deeply connected web3/crypto community of ~15,000 people, focused on music, storytelling and creativity, with 1,000-3,000 of us partying in the metaverse together every single week. 

We dance together. We tell stories together. We build together. Broadside is the new form of community that the metaverse is designed for.

Broadside encompasses worldbuilding, gaming, music and culture, driven by a hyper-engaged group of web3 natives that get to participate in both the social and economic upside of the world they are creating. 

We are building a life-changing metaverse community and brand that exists everywhere. 

Ways to engage with the community:

Grab a Broadsider from the collection on Open Sea.
Join our Discord community.
Follow the project on Twitter

Launched by: DAZZLE SHIP LLC
Core Creative Team: Matt Mason, Charlie Stratford Rex, Vector Meldrew
Project Type: IP
Genre: Science Fiction / Solar Punk
Format: NFTs. Web3, Metaverse
Metaverse Architect: Neon Glitch
Community Manager: Partial Applewhite
Development Partners: Nervous, Top Dog Studio
Legal Team: Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC
Concept Artist: Chris Tulloch McCabe
Audio Production: Eclectic Method / Cinco Dollaz

Nobody cares about the metaverse because nobody understands what it’s for. 

With hundreds of billions invested, leading platforms are struggling to attract large numbers of users.

It occurred to us that if you want people to turn up somewhere, throwing a party is never a bad idea.

  • Weekly pirate radio sessions have grown into weekly raves happening in the Broadside Metaverse Bunker, across web3 and web2 platforms simultaneously, throwing off content to be deployed across Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.
  • The weekly metaverse raves and Spaces driven by music, game mechanics and culture are the Broadside growth engine, attracting new fans via multiple web2 and IRL platforms as Broadside becomes a metaverse onramp to fun.

The Broadside Metaverse

( Is Not The Same As Mark Zuckerberg's )

As a team we have decades of experience throwing parties and creating new culture powered by decentralized technology. 

We grew up on pirate radio (the ultimate decentralized technology) in London, and were part of the founding team of RWD, which we grew into one of the UK’s largest music and culture platforms, the first to champion new forms of music such as dubstep, garage and grime.

We’ve spent the 20 years since working to scale decentralized culture and creativity, building multi-billion dollar web3 companies, scaling decentralized platforms to 100s of millions of users, creating world-class cryptoart and writing best-selling books about decentralization.

What we know now: 

All of the parties, communities, platforms and culture we helped build up until this point were a dress rehearsal for Broadside.


  • We sold out our genesis collection of 7,290 Broadsiders in under 24 hrs in November 2022, inking a multi-year partnership with OpenSea for future collection launches
  • We brought together a highly engaged community, passionate about music, storytelling and web3. When they showed up to support us on SuperMassive’s show on The Defiant, he called it “hands down, the best stream ever for audience engagement.”
  • We created a fictional pirate radio station, broadcasting across the metaverse, attracting 1-3k listeners per week 
  • We gave our community licensing models that allow them to build Broadside with us, and it’s working
  • Community members have built a dedicated Broadside metaverse music venue, VRMs, original music, thousands of memes, clothing, merchandise and even Mudside: a Broadside coffee company


The Broadside Storyworld

Building the future of metaverse storytelling.

We built ‘The Deadmall‘ as a hub for Broadsiders to mint the episodic story of their character.

Each Episode is a free claim (+gas) NFT with cover art that gives token gated access to the Broadside story. 

Broadside is set in a solar punk storyworld where AR gaming rules the planet, anti-surveillance clothing is always on-trend, and 3D bass music is used as a weapon to fight oppressive
robot armies.

The immersive story and world of Broadside, encompassing gaming, fashion, music and culture, has been developed over a more than a decade.

The story framework gives fans the building blocks and parameters they need to build in meaningful ways with us. The depth of the story is a schematic that fans can build on in whichever direction they like, primed for the explosion of AI powered creativity we are on the cusp of.


☠️ A decentralized tale of 7,290 anonymous heroes

📖 A multi-part journey that unfolds from launch

👐 CC0 or 🤑 Full Commercial Rights

🤩 Collection features rare traits (both cc0 and licensed from other projects) contributed by guest artists and from projects including XCOPY, Cryptopunk #5046, OSF / Rektguy, Moonbirds, Eclectic Method, Goblintown, Nouns, Blitmaps, Kristy Glas, Cryptoadz, Robness and more.

📚 11 Episode NFTs telling the story of your specific character dropped to Broadsiders in the months following mint.

📖 ✨ Once final chapter drops, merge and burn Episode NFTs into a 1/1 Book NFT, featuring your character on the 1/1 cover art, with the ability to print and sell copies.

☠️None of them
are as strong
as all of us.☠️

BONES UP ☠️☠️☠️☠️
Let's work together

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