Fearless Thinking

DAZZLE SHIP™ is an artist-led, design-focused creative studio producing films, experiences and multi-platform campaigns.

We work in partnership with clients across TV, gaming, sports, technology, music and charitable causes.

Our passion is to create work that sets trends, through a  process of collaboration and fearless thinking.



Currently we have some original content IP ideas in a ‘stealth mode’ phase of development. Please feel free to drop us an email for more details.

Bleeding Edge

Design Package for forthcoming XBOX title 'Bleeding Edge' produced by Microsoft/Ninja Theory.

Bleeding Edge

Exploring bio-hacking, comic book art, 90’s graffiti and cyber punk. This project for Ninja Theory/Microsoft was a designer’s dream brief.  We felt honoured to be tasked with creating a suite of assets for this new multiplayer online combat game. We took the concept from art direction to the final stages of motion graphics production to  deliver a suite of assets for the Bleeding Edge online gaming community.

Working closely with game development house Ninja Theory and their team of character artists to create personalised idents, title sequences and a package of branded assets to help support their video production department.

The aim was to create a style that set it apart from the gameplay graphics but nodded heavily to its stylistic influences. We art directed a comic book style that was rolled out onto a set of character renders and beyond. The result was a design language that versatile enough to communicate the core concepts of the game whilst also standing alone. <

Client: Ninja Theory / Microsoft
Direction / Production: DAZZLE SHIP
Lead Artists: Florian Baumann
Music: David Garcia Diaz
Sound Design: Jamie Perry


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