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DAZZLE SHIP is a metaverse IP & innovation lab. 


100 years ago ‘Dazzle Ships’ used a form of camouflage that challenged the enemies sense of perception to avoid conflict.

Science tells us that shifts in perception disrupt our brains habitual patterns and unleash new perspectives.

We help people introduce new concepts into the world using a mixture of storytelling, animation, design and radical creativity.

Building the strongest metaverse community: This is no longer a game.

Introducing the $BONES rewards system, the Broadside C-suite, and the road ahead.

It’s been less than four months since Broadside minted out. We dropped 7,290 3D avatars, each the star of their own story, and then delivered that story via monthly Episode NFTs to each Broadsider, with a book NFT for each holder on the way. When we started, we thought we were building the most comprehensive storytelling project in web3. Then the Broadside community showed up, and took things to a different level.


We weren’t ready for this community. Then again, nobody is. The Broadside community has been called ‘the most savage and authentic community’ in web3, with our weekly pirate radio shows getting a rep as ‘the coolest Space’ on Twitter.


As a community, they build as hard as they party, and have already used Broadside avatars to create a metaverse rave warehouse, new avatars, characters, stories, music, clothing, merch, AI art, thousands of memes, even a coffee company. 

Broadside has mutated into something unique: half rave, half game, half story – all community. Possibly the most fun place to be in the metaverse.

Making the metaverse fun isn’t easy to do. Ask Mark Zuckerberg, or the countless other companies that poured over $120 billion into it last year alone. But the Broadside community shows up in the metaverse week in and week out to rave, chat and create together. When we were building Broadside, we knew it was something special. But what the community has shown us is game-changing: The metaverse is only going to scale with real communities and real culture driving things, and the Broadside community is one of a small handful making the metaverse happen.

Because our community does so much, today we’re launching $BONES,  a new rewards system for Broadside holders, built with our friends at Top Dog Studios.

$BONES will reward Broadside holders for a number of things:

  • Hold a Broadsider = 10 $BONES per day
  • Soft-stake your Broadsider = 40 $BONES per day
  • Party with us in the Rave Bunker and other venues = 10 $BONES per show – unlocks the official IRL Broadside: Metaverse World Tour T Shirt (this feature rolling out shortly)
  • Interact with tweets from @BroadsideNFT (5 $BONES per interaction)


What do $BONES get you? 

  • Rewards, merchandise and even OG Broadside Avatars (while supplies last):
  • Earn an IRL Broadside ski mask = 7,200 $BONES (plus shipping, 3 per account max., while supplies last)
  • Redeem a raffle ticket to win a Broadsider = 1,503 $BONES (winners drawn monthly, terms and conditions apply)
  • $BONES will also give Broadsiders discounts on official capsule collections from Broadside, which are on the way. 


You can even list NFTs from your own collection and sell them to other community members for $BONES. (Dazzle Ship / Top Dog Studios will approve and set up all listings, terms and conditions apply.)

Is $BONES a token?!?

Not at present. We’re big believers in the Stratford-Rex rule of crypto which states: If something can be a giant spreadsheet, it should be a giant spreadsheet. 

As we continue to expand the Broadside universe, it might make sense to convert $BONES into a cryptocurrency in the future, but we didn’t need $BONES to be a token for the things it needs to do today.


How do I get $BONES?

If you own a Broadsider, you already have some. Connect the wallet holding your Broadsider at https://deadmall.broadside.wtf/ to check your balance.

Click here for more on all the things you can do with $BONES.   

The Next Level

$BONES is the next step for BROADSIDE as we build on this amazing foundation. Today we’re also excited to announce the C-suite team at Dazzle Ship – the metaverse studio building Broadside. 

Broadside co-founder Matt Mason is officially stepping full-time into the CEO role at Dazzle Ship, as of today. 

Mason has been working in decentralized technology for almost two decades, holding C-level positions at BitTorrent, Kraken, and most recently at Palm NFT Studio, as well as serving as studio head at a Sony Pictures innovation lab focused on gaming. He started out as founding editor-in-chief of RWD, which he helped grow into the UK’s largest music publication, working alongside Broadside co-founder Vector Meldrew.

Vector Meldrew officially assumes the role of Chief Creative Officer at Dazzle Ship as of today. 

After creating the RWD digital platform, Vector launched Dazzle Ship as a creative production studio in London over a decade ago, working for clients including Activision Blizzard, Nike, adidas, Sony Music and the James Bond game franchise. As a crypto artist, Vector has auctioned work at Bonhams, and minted out collections on Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Foundation among others.

Together, Meldrew and Mason have repurposed Dazzle Ship as an innovation lab headquartered in the US, focused on building the cultural connective tissue the metaverse needs: 

A conduit between music, storytelling, gaming, culture and web3.

100% of those resources are now focused on building Broadside into a next-generation metaverse platform: a world driven by social and game mechanics where fans own the building blocks, and get to take them in any direction they wish. 

We’re hyped for all that’s next.

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100 years ago 'Dazzle Ships' used a form of camouflage that challenged the enemies sense of perception to avoid conflict. Science tells us that shifts in perception disrupt our brains habitual patterns and unleash new perspectives. Powerful stories open us up to new worlds and concepts. Increasing empathy, questioning pre-judgements and forging new connections with each other. DAZZLE SHIP™ is a Metaverse based creative studio producing IP, brands, strategy and creative campaigns.
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