Fearless Thinking

Dazzle Ship is a creative agency specialising in design and motion.

We work in partnership with our clients, to inspire audiences and transform business results.

We are passionate about creating work that sets trends, through a design-led process of collaboration and fearless thinking.

JD Sports

JD asked Dazzle Ship to look at their existing campaigns and explore a new fresh angle.


We decided to take a stylised geometric abstract graphic approach to appeal to an increasingly diverse youth culture audience.

JD is fundamentally very product focused in their execution of all marketing material. We decided to respect this and find new ways to make the product stand out from their environment as well as make the advertising campaign stand out when viewed across broadcast and outdoor.

To create the TVC animation we used a MOCO bolt robotic camera rig. We had a pre-visualisation process that involved creating  3D model of the shoe and making all of the camera moves in 3D software first. After this we translated the keyframe data over the MOCO bolt and used it to create the smooth complex pans that show off the shoes finer details and stays in line with JD’s product focused ethos.

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