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Drone Racing League 2016

Neon environments and high-speed crashes – creating the branding blueprint for the world’s most exciting new sports concept.


DRL is the premier drone racing circuit for elite FPV pilots around the world, combining world-class flight skill and proprietary technology to create thrilling drone racing content with mass appeal. In 2016 DRL is hosting a global events series culminating in a World Championship. For more information on the 2016 race season, visit www.drl.io. To join the conversation, follow DRL on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Client: Drone Racing League
Directed By: Dazzle Ship
Music: Junkie XL
Sound Design: Echoic Audio

A fast-paced, full-channel branding project for cutting-edge new sports league, The Drone Racing League (DRL). DRL launched it’s 2016 season on sports broadcast channels around the world, our aim was to capture the thrill of the futuristic sport in more than 20 creative assets, ranging from the design identity to broadcast bumpers, lower-third graphics, the DRL leaderboard and digital ads.

With the help of Dazzle Ship, DRL has introduced a new sport to audiences around the world, delivering the passion for racing, science fiction-inspired content and competition to a new generation of sport fans. We’re thrilled by their work and the shared passion for creating a futuristic vision of sport.

Ben Johnson DRL

DRL is the first-ever professional race series for first-person-view (FPV) drone racing, bringing together the world’s best pilots to fly DRL Racer 2 quadcopters head-to-head through neon-lit environments in the quest for the planet’s best FPV pilot. An early DRL YouTube teaser went viral in January, racking up almost two million views with tantalising footage of the world’s most exciting new sport.

From a creative perspective, branding a sport that doesn’t yet exist beyond the imagination of a few individuals was a challenging task. One of the biggest hurdles for Dazzle Ship was striking a balance between educating viewers on the real-world aspect of the sport – this isn’t CG; crashes are real – while transporting them into a futuristic science fiction environment that would represent the experience of drone racing.

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