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Radical by Design

DAZZLE SHIP™ is a design-driven creative studio producing films, experiences and multi-platform campaigns.

We work in partnership with clients across TV, gaming, esports, sports, technology, music and charitable causes.


100 years ago ‘Dazzle Ships’ used a form of camouflage that challenged the enemies sense of perception to avoid conflict.

Science tells us that shifts in perception disrupt our brains habitual patterns and unleash new perspectives.

We help people introduce new concepts into the world using a mixture of storytelling, animation, design and radical creativity.

Broadside NFT

A decentralized tale of an anonymous band of heroes

Broadside NFT

A multi-part journey that unfolds from launch

Please follow us to join the journey – https://twitter.com/BroadsideNFT

CC0 or Full Commercial Rights

11 Episodic NFTs telling the story of your specific character, with new art for each episode, available to Broadsiders after mint

After all 11 chapters are released, 1-of-1 full book NFT featuring your specific character as the hero of the story and in the cover art will be made available to all Broadsiders
Collection features rare CC0 traits contributed by guest artists and from projects including Xcopy, OSF / Rektguy, Moonbirds, Eclectic Method, Goblintown, Nouns, Blitmaps, Kristy Glas, Cryptoadz, Robness and more

With major brands like Nike now understanding the power of mechanics made popular by games like Minecraft. We believe that the new generation of crypto art/ NFT platforms such as Open Sea, Super Rare and Nifty Gateway offer creators a better solution for developing decentralised IP. Broadside is the first of these developments.

Created by: Charlie Stratford Rex + Matt Mason + Vector Meldrew
Project Type: IP / Science Fiction / Solar Punk
Format: NFTs
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