Fearless Thinking

Dazzle Ship is a creative agency producing design, motion graphics, animation and original content.

Working in partnership with our clients, to inspire audiences and transform business results.

We are passionate about creating work that sets trends, through a design-led process of collaboration and fearless thinking.

Addison Groove

Lose your mind with this warped and wonderful journey through preternatural dance moves.

Addison Groove

Studio passion project with the aim of exploring new production and storytelling techniques through research and development.

Director: Vector Meldrew
Production Company: Dazzle Ship
Music: Addison Groove

"And I thought I had seen it all"

Hirklitschka A YouTube User

The video premiered on Vice’s Noisey and went on to be featured on It’s Nice That and the Adult Swim YouTube channel.

"Looking for meaning in this is like looking for the characters in a Rorschach photo, yeah you're supposed to look for them, but there isn't anything in there, only what you bring with you; the content of your mind, the position and velocity of your life, your wildest hopes, and darkest fears. You're not here to learn about Addison Grove, you're here to learn about yourself."

SpaceClaw Another YouTube User
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