Fearless Thinking

DAZZLE SHIP™ is an artist-led, design-focused creative studio producing films, experiences and multi-platform campaigns.

We work in partnership with clients across TV, gaming, sports, technology, music and charitable causes.

Our passion is to create work that sets trends, through a  process of collaboration and fearless thinking.



Currently we have some original content IP ideas in a ‘stealth mode’ phase of development. Please feel free to drop us an email for more details.

Motion Graphics / Design / Animation

Using a combination of motion design, live action and animation to help clients communicate engaging messages, tell stories and transform business results.

Long Format Film & TV

We are passionate about using our creative skills to create worlds and tell stories. Our original content is defined by a mixture of comedic writing and stylish visuals applied to premium global content productions.

Explorations and Creations

We believe that experimentation is key for innovation, so we always make time for ‘play’ to help develop skills outside of client work. Think of this area as a shop window to help inspire your next project. For more of this, follow us on Instagram.

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