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Becoming Radical by Design

Welcome to the new DAZZLE SHIP blog entitled ‘Radical by Design’. What does this even mean i hear you cry! Well… please allow me to explain. The goal of the blog is to monitor the cultural landscape that surrounds us and find interesting hit points that feed into our creative processes. This isn’t a blog about JUST design or animation, but this is a blog for thats perfect for designers, animators, creatives and everyone else. A common myth is that creativity is limited to a select lucky few, however i believe that creativity is within us all as human beings. Whether you are an established creative or somebody that’s yet to disover your talent, both types of people can hugely benefit from radical perception shifts. In this first article i will attempt to simplify a process that can help everyone become abit more ‘radical by design’.
Creativity can be elusive, inspiration can be fleeting and innovating can be frought with fears of failure. On the other hand safety is comforting, we happily accept conformity, sometimes even welcome it. As a result we become highly efficient in our work related tasks thanks to our ability to resort to well trodden paths and habitual patterns. This could be considered a form of auto pilot and a marvellous function that our brain has developed over years of evolution. How many things in our life do we do on this ‘auto-pilot’ mode?
However habits are the enemy of creativity, when clouded by existing judgements it can be hard to remain open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Creativity and imagination start with your perception, and in order to optimise how you see, you need to hack how you think…

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Lex Johnson

Director, designer of Dazzle Ship. A documentor of culture using animation, tech and stories since 2001. Passionate about perspectives.
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