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We are user experience – UX – design experts and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver seamless, engaging and audience-specific projects across a wide range of mediums. From interactive content for events and advertising to websites, games and apps – we’ll make your products, projects and platforms accessible, eye-catching and extremely user-friendly.

We take the time to discern your brand and target audience to develop interfaces that best unite the two as we believe in tailor made solutions and not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We maximise the usability and accessibility of projects through outstanding visuals and layout, intuitive structuring, findability and navigation – as well as extensive research and user testing. We can conduct audits of existing platforms, create sitemaps and diagrams, develop scenarios and / or storyboards for testing and can also create any type of creative content – from typography and illustration to video and everything in between. We can also produce visuals, wireframes, and other prototypes, in addition to completed websites, apps, games other interfaces: SEO enhancing (where appropriate) results with superior brand engagement and reach.

What’s more, as Dazzle Ship is a multidisciplinary design agency, we take a rounded approach to our UX and UI (User Interface) design projects. So our team – which encompasses creative technologists, researchers, TV and video producers, graphic designers, motion directors, animators and more – work alongside our graphical user interface (GUI) and UX design professionals. Together we deliver more cohesive, results driven content that better supports your wider business and brand.

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