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3D Animation and CGI

We create captivating 3D animation and CGI for TV commercials, films, videos, digital platforms, exhibition and events – as well producing stills for print and other static mediums. In fact we’re so passionate about animation and motion graphics that many of our animators direct and create their own films.

So why use animation? Animation and CGI will often provide the most cost effective, compelling and perhaps only physical means to showcase a new service or idea. It can be used to explain very complex ideas to make them both relatable and understandable and it will also transform the most unassuming subject matter into something exceptional.

Our animation and CGI services include: rendering, visualisation, stop motion animation, illustration, character design, motion graphics and more. We can also retouch and colour grade live action footage in post-production, or use CGI to create special effects. We relish each and every project – from simple wireframe modelling to a beautiful and emotive broadcast-standard film – we bring ideas to life.

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