Asics – Nyte Lyte

Video Production and VFX


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Creative video production for Asics latest footwear product the 'Nyte Lyte'

Video production and VFX for Asics footwear –

“Our canvas is black, and we paint it with Lyte.

For some night is just dark and black, a time to sleep. Or it is a world of opportunities, an invitation to be bold and to push creativity.

We use the night as a call for their imagination and a canvas for self expression”

Asics asked Dazzle Ship to create a short narrative led piece to create some hype around the launch of their new ‘Nyte Lyte’ footwear.

We wanted to show off the shoes dazzling reflective features whilst also expressing the theme through the concept of ‘light painting’. We worked with Director Louis Ellison and DOP Doug Walshe to push the concept further and worked to create an air of suspiciousness and intrigue around our protagonist.


AGENCY: Rewind
DIRECTED BY: Dazzle Ship
MUSIC: “Into The Light“ performed by “Cling“ used by kind permission of Resonant Music Licensing