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Nanomaterials and Dazzle Tactics

Dazzle tactics are being used in the streets to evade paparazzi and make the cyclists of London safer.

Traditionally Dazzle patterns are zebra like graphics used by merchant ships to evade enemy targeting during World War II. Today new developments in nanomaterials are creating unique opportunities to visually augment ourselves to evade and dazzle.

Aimed at the rich a famous ‘Flashback’ is a line of ‘retro-reflective’ clothing by DJ Chris Holmes which uses glass nano spheres to deter paparazzi by literally dazzling them, reflecting the light from their flashes directly back at them, rendering the photographs useless.

Volvo recently created ‘Life Paint’ which utilised the properties of retro-reflective particles in the form a spray which cyclists and pedestrians can apply to their bikes and clothing. During daylight the spray is invisible but at night it is illuminated by car headlights and streetlights, turing a indistinguishable figure into a un-missable beacon.

Jace Harrison Crowley

Jace Harrison Crowley

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