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How to improve internal communications using video – 5 great techniques

Advertising, social media and even in-store - we all know how powerful video can be to spread a brand’s message

However its role goes well beyond your company’s outward message. Have you ever thought about the huge potential for video for internal comms?

With YouTube and Vine, and video all over Facebook and Twitter, today’s workforce isn’t just in tune with the medium. At work, they positively demand it.


In a survey by Cisco in 2013, 87 per cent of young execs said they’d choose to work for a company that invested in video communications over one that didn’t.

The following year, the video tech supplier Kaltura found that over 81 per cent of the general public felt video would improve internal comms for a firm. That figure rises to over 89 per cent in large- and medium-sized corporations.

Isn’t it time your company started using video as a primary method of communicating with employees?

At Dazzleship, we specialise in video production, motion graphics, 360 video, 3D and effects – and we use these skills to create internal video for our clients. So we’ve brought you five ways to improve your internal comms:


1 – Train your peeps

Training videos have been standard for a long while. But they aren’t always tuned in to a company’s branding and ethos as they could be. Often, a designer’s eye could improve how they’re presented. Employees can watch at their desks, at home or in group conferences, and the more the video is tuned into the company’s overall values, the more impact it can have. Video can easily be incorporated into other training media too like websites and even apps, and its creation ties in with UX, UI, motion design and more.

2 – Share company results

The days of a stiff-looking accountant shuffling onto the stage to deliver a PowerPoint presentation to thousands of clueless employees are almost over. Incorporate music, animation, infographics, effects, great design and a little brand reinforcement and it will make the key points about your company’s performance a lot more memorable.

FACT: 85 per cent believe “Video puts a face, a voice and character to both executives and employees.” (Kaltura survey.)


 3 – Welcome new employees

‘Onboarding’, as it’s called, can be so much more engaging for joiners with a video component. In a big organisation, the CEO can deliver a message to new staff that feels one-on-one and will get them enthused about their job and the brand they’re working for.


 4 – Bring them news

Companies change. But even when new initiatives are good news for employees, if they’re not communicated well a firm can falter. The answer? Make a clear, concise and beautifully produced video that delivers the message using the right visuals and with the correct tone of voice.


FACT: 87 per cent believe video has a significant and positive impact on an organisation. (Cisco survey.)



5 – Entertain and motivate

Hopefully your company parties are so good that the video isn’t what makes it memorable. But a well-thought-out party video can certainly be a highlight and Dazzleship can make one that adds to your company’s buzz. Working with you we can give it a theme, involve staff from up and down the business, and cut it together with photos, graphics and audio that’ll make it one to remember.




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